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Technical proposals

Technical proposals

Over the years, Proficenter has become known for developing technical proposals for each venture. Each construction project is studied thoroughly, to obtain the best planning, a consistent budget and the optimization of the resources involved.

All of this planning is documented with illustrations, thus facilitating the phases of execution of each stage of the construction. The proposals are idealized in order to meet the requests contained in the notice to bidders, and in general, cover the following themes:

Knowledge of the problem: We have detailed the knowledge of the local conditions of the construction, with a study of the site and accesses, the physical and socioeconomic aspects of the region, the local climatology and availability of resources, as well as a study of the determining factors and particularities of the project proposed. It is a chapter present in all of the proposals, even when unrequested, because it demonstrates the total knowledge of the proponent with the future construction.

Executive Planning: Through studies of the region of implantation of the construction and basic project, we prepare a complete study of the proposed execution sequence, where we detail the work fronts and executive sequence of the venture. This topic is enriched with illustrations of the execution planning of each stage of the construction, the GANTT charts, PERT-CPM network analysis, and the histograms of allocation of resources for manual labor and equipment.

Constructive Methods: We have described the technical solutions for the execution of the main services of the venture, characterizing the methods of execution and the resources employed in the performance of each activity of the construction.

Worksite: The planning of execution of the construction is complemented by a detailed study of the site, logistics support and layout of the installations of the worksite, whereby illustrations of the layout proposed are presented to the industrial, productive, and technical-administrative units, and those of social living.

Organizational Structure: The perfect definition of the organizational structure of a construction is of fundamental importance for the success of any venture, defined in this topic by the construction schedule and the definition of the main functions and attributions, which may also be complemented by the curriculum of the professionals at management level.

Besides the themes described above, Proficenter also develops personalized proposals according to the requests contained in the notice to bidders.

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