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Counting on an experience of over 20 years, Proficenter has enhanced to the point that it has its own technology of construction budgeting, counting on specialized software, besides the continuous program of updating technologies and equipment in use by the world of construction.

Each budget is studied in detail in face of the project proposed and of the characteristics of the site of implantation of the construction, i.e. every detail of the construction is studied, quotes for personalized consumables are made in the region of the venture itself, and the detailed unit costs for each service included are then prepared.

Proficenter primes on achieving all of the terms agreed on during the preparation of a budget, however without leaving aside the quality and consistency of its services.

The budgets prepared by Proficenter are doted of management tools that allow a thorough analysis of the costs and resources involved, thus providing the necessary support in the decision-making process.

Among the main products of the budgets developed by Proficenter, we can highlight:

  • UPCs – Unit Price Calculations;
  • Production of Mechanic Teams;
  • Calculation of the Hourly Equipment Rates;
  • Compilation of Budget Resources;
  • ABC Curves of Services and Consumables;
  • Physical-Financial Schedule;
  • Price Quote Log.

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