Proficenter Planning Works


Respecting the environment.

Proficenter operations are focused on preserving the environment,
developing studies, budgets and construction planning with
emphasis on the environmental norms in force and on the sustainability
of the venture.

This planning consists in the elaboration of work plans and cost
budgets of implantation and operation, which give clients total
security in their participation in bids.

We also elaborate personalized solutions for sanitary landfills,
overflow stations, shift services for the collection of solid residues from
homes, hospitals and construction services, plans for sweeping streets,
cleaning of street market places and other urban cleaning services.
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Sanitary landfill:

  • Study of demand;
  • Drainage system for springs;
  • Base impermeabilization system;
  • Drainage of percolated liquid;
  • Drainage of percolated liquid;
  • Disposition of residues;
  • Cover and drainage system;
  • Percolated liquid treatment system;
  • Slope stability;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Geotechnical monitoring;
  • Management controls;
  • General operation of sanitary landfills (spreading and compacting).

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