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The secret is in the planning.

The success of a project can be measured in various ways. There are various factors
that contribute to wards the good performance of a venture; however, everything only
happens if each stage is carried out with precision, at the right moment and
employing appropriate resources. With this in mind, Proficenter has offered
personalized solutions for the building industry for over 20 years.

Among the solutions, we would like to highlight the technical proposals, budgets,
quantifications, technical and economic feasibility studies, engineering projects,
public service concessions, consultancy, and budgets of basic projects on new
ventures to enable construction bids.

With national and international operations, the company has acquired experience and has become
a reference in consultative engineering, meeting clients of different sizes always giving
priority to good technique, ethics and adapting its service according to an effective business model.

We also give total support to manual labor in the preparation of budgets, with price quotes, preparing the unit price calculations, and setting up spreadsheets, besides the final formatting, printing and binding of the proposal.


With modern installations and software resources, Proficenter counts on the best in technology on the market. Through this infrastructure, it is possible to create a perfect network of information with the client, to facilitate the development process, to follow up and finalize proposals, budgets, projects and other services offered.

The employment of IT resources is directly linked to the increase of productivity, because this is how Proficenter studies all the possibilities and technical restrictions of their business, proposing competitive budgets and specific planning for the worksite region.

Besides this, all the information is disclosed online, securely and confidentially, allowing the clients to simultaneously follow-up the evolution of services.

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