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Here you can send suggestions and clear any doubts you may have on technical proposals, budgets, quantifications, feasibility studies, engineering projects, public service concessions, consultancy, elaboration of notice to bidders and invitation letters. Specialist in executive planning for the construction and heavy construction sector, Proficenter always invests in assistance to enhance its services. Thus, your contact is fundamental.

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A4 Comunicação | Tel. +55-11-3897-4122 |

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Rua Medgar Evers, 03
Vila Mariana – São Paulo/SP
CEP: 04020-080

Telephone: 55 11 5571-6771

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Proficenter Planejamento e Orçamento de Obras
R. Medgar Evers,03 - Vila Mariana - CEP: 04020-080 - São Paulo, SP - Tel: +55 11 5571-6771